Pod’s Adventure


As part of our English Learning journey we have been exploring stories with imaginary elements. We have enjoyed visual clips and extracts of text from a range of different stories. Using Thinking Maps, drama and writing we have become experts.

Use the picture of Pod under the sofa to write either 5 exciting words or 5 ultimate sentences.

Good luck and happy blogging!

Blog Safety.

At Spalding Parish Church of England Day School we use the internet to help us learn, inside and outside of school. We are very careful to stay safe online and we regularly discuss e safety in school. Please remember to follow these rules when on the blog.

Just a few points to remember:-
We only use our first names
We do not write any personal information- where we live, where we are at the time of writing etc.
We are always kind in what we write
We do not arrange to meet up with people that we have met on-line
If we feel uncomfortable with anything that we can see on-line we tell an adult straight away

Class teachers read every post written by children in their classes. Teachers will not approve comments that show personal information of any kind, is not kind or relevant to the discussion or subject set. Please be careful to post your comments on the correct page by following the link from your year group.

Story Stones!

Story Stones

As part of our learning we will be creating our own Story Stones linked to the Stone Age. We will be using these to develop our skills in oral story telling.

Can you think of a short story of no more than 100 words using the Story Stones above?

Use our learning linked to varying sentence openers.

Good luck!

Ultimate sentence challenge!

Today we stepped back into the minds of our ancient ancestors by stepping outside the classroom and taking a learning walk around our school grounds. These transformed into a Stone Age settlement. Using our senses we explored the environment around us. We built a campfire using twigs and sticks from around our camp (the den area), then listened to the story ‘The Fire Child’. Using drama we moved off in small groups acting out different roles: foraging for berries and nuts, fishing in the freezing cold stream, hunting land animals, using bow and arrows to defend our area and making tools with flint and their antler hammers. Some children were lucky to catch a glimpse of a giant woolly mammoth and see a sabre-toothed tiger. Once we grouped back together we shared our stories from our busy Stone Age day. What a successful day it had been too! We were rich in salmon (Thank you Joe!), berries, nuts and a wide range of tools. A warning signal from the birds in the nearby tree saw us return safely back to our classroom and back to 2014.


Can you write an ultimate sentence to describe one aspect of our learning experience?


Think about your sentence structure and language features you could use.

5 Word Challenge

Use the Stone Age video clip in today’s English lesson to generate a bank of 5 key words. You will watch it without sound to start with. When we watch it with sound are there any words you would like to exchange? Can you develop an ultimate set of words with your group? Can you extend this at home?

Good Luck!

Stone Age Stories

We are excited to be exploring stories set in the Stone Age. This links well to our topic work and Guided Reading. Through a variety of learning opportunities over the next two weeks we will be using visual and audio clips, taking nature walks to explore the senses and creating our own story stones. Watch this space as we share parts of our learning journey…

Book Review

Year 4 have become expert book reviewers. What do you think?

There are bugs in your bed

Title: There Are Bugs in Your Bed

Author: Heather Catchpole


What the book is about?
It gives you facts and information about bugs in your bed. For example, it tells you about different bugs and how they get inside the house. Do you know that there are bugs in your bed? I learnt lots of amazing facts. The good thing about this book is that on every page there is something interesting, facts about bugs.

Star Rating – I would rate this book 10/10.

I would recommend this book to 8 to 99 year olds who like bugs and other creatures.

By Baiba

Going for Gold

What an exciting learning journey we have embarked on so far this term! The children in LKS2 have helped to shape their learning and we are excited about the direction it is taking. Last week we became experts at explaining two of Wallace and Gromit’s ‘cracking contraptions’ through visual Literacy, drama and writing. This week we have designed our very own ‘innovative inventions’ to help the Ancient Greeks. Watch this space to see some examples of our explanatory writing.